USMNT offensive insights!


the biggest problem with the offense is dempsey/donovan/bradley/gomez are not gelling as a unit, not being selfish enough to dribble, shoot, and score!  Or maybe it’s four selfish players all wanting the ball instead of teamwork & creativity, or maybe it’s not understanding there rolls per JK’s instructions to them, they’ve surely had enough time together dating back to wc2010. So im thinking it must be pyschological for them,  three of which are the man at their club teams when it comes to scoring, and enjoy the service from the club teammates there not receiving with the USMNT.  This problem is often on display with the likes of Holland (robben, van persie, sneijder) or  England when there on the pitch together (lampard,gerrard, rooney) .

In anycase we now have the best attacking  USMNT, from a personnel standpoint ever! but how long will they be on the field together is anyones guess as donovan, gomez, dempsey, are 30+ and this will absolutely be there LAST WORLD CUP QUALIFYING CYCLE!  get it together guys, it’s your last go around, show us what you can do! SCORE GOALS!


can JK coach defense?

Jk cant coach defence, his overall strategy is to tell his wingbacks to press forward up the pitch. It’s the reason I believe he has stayed with the older guys (Boca, Gouch,Edu,Dolo) in the back area and let them coach themselves. but this game put JK’s ingame tactical awareness and adjustments to the test on defence, and he failed bigtime! Torres should not be playing out of position at leftback when Cameron could use the minutes, all torres did was get injured trying to slide tackle a (A&B) winger at fullspeed coming down the leftflank. Then he moves the heart of our defence (BOCA) wide left, inserts Gouch! who has cost us 4-5 goals in the last two weeks with his big mistakes in the back; of course this leads to a breakdown and the A&B goal.

The other thing JK is gonna have to learn is how to put players and formations on the field against the wide variety of countries the USMNT plays in CONCACAF.. Canada, A &B, parked the bus in the back and dared the US to score. Mexico can carve us up with there speedy, skillful, triangle-give n go/ interplay. the other’s; guat, hon, el sal, pan, crc.. etc are slower less skillful versions of mexico but still can impose there will on USMT at home; So I think it’s baptism by fire for JK in WC qualifying, as his 4-3-3 uptempo, possession, attacking style plan for the USMNT is going to get bogged down in latin america. What will JK’s pregame strategies, ingame tactics, and halftime speeches be then?

strategies and tactics USA vs Brazil

I believe JK’s pregame strategy and in game tactical adjustments are his biggest weakness; a blindspot that was at least partly negated by Joachim Loew along with higher qualilty and seasoned players when JK was coach of Germany.   Brazil came out in a 4-2-4 formation with all forwards high pressing the US backline, this aggressive pressing defensive tactic deployed by the brazilians was extremely effective and exposed the US teams lack of skill on the ball, and thought process when challenged. Understand that Barcalona does the samething to opponents in la liga/champions league, and the best counter strategy is to employ in game defensive tactics the likes of Jose Mourinho’s inter milan 2010 team and Chelsea’s strategy this yr in CL. No team can apply this much defensive pressure for a whole 45 minutes, not even young energetic brazilians, it’s to exhausting; but there strategy from the start of both halfs was to use this tactic to throw the US team off its game and score goals, which is exactly what they did. Once the brazilian pressure subsided we witnessed a US side that was able to apply there new found offensive abilities: teamwork, tactics and goalscoring chances effectively, which is JK’s biggest accomplishment with the US team so far along with his infectious energy and enthusiasm . The brazil game can be viewed as a great learning tool for future world class opponents who will enter the game with superior players; skilled, and tactically aware of US teams weaknesses, and how to develop a counter strategy for US team to imploy when facing such opponents.


YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST! The US could dominate brazil!!  think germany-argentina 2010wc.  brazil may not know what hit them.  im a firm believer in strategies and tactics over superstar players.  JK has put a system in place for the US to now ground and pound teams into submission.  We have quality at every position now. One of the best functioning midfields of any national team in the world.(donovan-dempsey-bradley-jones) the world has been waiting for the american superpower to flex its muscle in men’s soccer(football), with the win at italy, a demolition of scotland, and a domination of the great brazil, the world will finally be on notice what the US MEN’S NAT’L TEAM is capable on of the pitch.  US 3-1

us mens natl soccer team

what are we witnessing as ISMNT soccer fans? Jurgen klinsmann modeled the 2006 german national team after the top flight teams in the epl. he asked his germans to play ungermanlike; highpressure, uptempo, possession style (all leading to more goals)  the likes of man united, arsenal,or chelsea.

Jurgen Klinsmann has now modeled another team to play not like it’s national team style(american) if you will, but similar to the styles of chelsea, man united; or even baraclona. I always felt that building a team using this model would be preferable as club teams play year round, have years of  experience training together, and are superior to national teams in teamwork, cohesion, effectiveness, and goal productivity leading to an exciting style of play.  gl JK with the progress to 2014 WC

us soccer coaching still flawed

I feel bad for our us fans, there being duped still by us soccer and media who dont know the difference between good and great players or teams.  We ran into a team equal in physical/athletic ability, organized, rested n hungry; they took us out of are game/comfort zone, an well they won ugly. coach porter would rather lose playing his rigid possession style than win ugly i guess. props to Canada.

freddy adu is worthless as captain/leader, an just a little better as a player. when u struggle or fall behind u need a guy like landon Donavan yelling and inspiring your team on the field. they also needa guy like tim howard in goal this summer organizing the backline and offering leadership.  coach porter talks big, ” were here to win all 3 games in group” how bout 1 game at a time like ncaa basketball. Porter wants to play pretty possession soccer & dominate teams, “score early to bring them out of there shell to play with us” has been his repeated quote this week. but had no plan in place when they fell behind, or failed to score at all during the first 57 minutes. the canadian team practiced together 4 Days! 4 days! and got a win against US, with our team/ coaches spending months together. the canadian coach stood on the sidelines instructing and cheering his team on. Coach Porter, sat with arms folded on the bench chatting it up with Reyna!  having viewed the game film a few times tonite i see many glaring player/coaching problems for US. one is they lack a killer instinct around the last third of field; they’d rather pass the ball then take on the pressure/responsibility/ criticism of dribbling at an shooting on goal, this I see as a lack of training/coaching philo by pass happy porter/reyna-Reyna whom scored 8 goals with MNT in 111 games.

Does US soccer/coaches review game film the way NFL coaches do? i guess not!!!  also team usa players seem to receive the ball at there feet standing still & flatfooted way to much in the attacking third, when the mind set of a natural (south american/european player) is to advance, dribble and shoot. i could go on but i experienced this same thing with a pro team here during my playing days in the early nineties in california. US  players/ and college coaches are so groomed and caressed, that they seem to lack many of the instincts, mentality, and technique were so used to seeing in euro leagues. its hard and sad to watch.

us soccer needs to reorganize its coaching system; maybe one day in future!

These kids are still missing out on superior coaching, soccer skills, mentality and natural footballer instincts of the game as a player…… IMHO

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